School Management Software

Select from 15 suites and over 30+ applications essential to today’s study, like class floor control and visual scheduling, CAD integration, CRM, product configurator, capacity requirements planning, mobile metrics and more.

he aim of School Management Software is to manage students, teachers and administrative data. This system basically looks after the day to day administration, attendance management, time-table, enrolment and many other services. The positive aspect about this system is that it can be used by any school, college or university regardless of whichever board they follow. This system is very beneficial because it brings together the administration, students, parents and teachers under one single platform. It helps in reducing the paper work of schools and colleges which they have to manage every day. It benefits teacher, students and parents as they can keep track on the on-going activities of the school.


  • 01. User Management
  • 02. Teacher Management
  • 03. Student Management
  • 04. Guardins Management
  • 05. Staff Management
  • 06. Class Management
  • 07. Attendance Management
  • 08. Subject Configuration
  • 09. Fees Management
  • 10. Exam Management
  • 11. Result Management
  • 12. Promotion Management
  • 13. Progress Card Management
  • 14. Notice board Management
  • 15. Notification Management
  • 16. Report Management


  • 01. Users can lodge any complaint or service request either by mobile apps or web.
  • 02. Users shall have to provide all information for first time complaint or service request.
  • 03. Users need not to provide all information for each request.
  • 04. Faster and easier interface for processing complaint or service request.
  • 05. There shall have a stock inflow and outflow management system.
  • 06. SMS and Email notification system.
  • 07. Advance Search options.
  • 08. Log management system.

Product description:

ESCOLA(school/college management system) Escola is our school/college management system through which, we bring the latest technology to schools and campuses across India. This highly modular package can be customized according to the specific needs of each school/campus. Required modules can be purchased selectively enabling our customers to pay only for their specific requirements. Following are some of the major modules in the package.

We provide new generation mobile friendly website which can be access from your PC to the most modern smart devices. This site can be updated in real-time using our website manager. This enables you to manage – update your site without waiting for any technical support. Our site can be customized to support any number of languages.

Website Manager
We provide a unique website manager tool that lets you edit –update all pages of the website. Using website manager you will be able to add/Change images and text in the website. This enables you to update your site with ease and keep the website updated.

SMS Manager
SMS manager lets you create sms templates and send personalized sms to parents, guardians and staffs. Our easy to use tool lets you send sms to a selected few students, all students of a class or every student in the school with just a few clicks. SMS manager also provides facilities to send student exam marks, absentees info or notification about any events.

Transport Manager
Transport manager module lets you manage transportation infrastructure. You can create and manage buses and bus routes and allocate students to their appropriate routes. Transportation manager gives you comprehensive report of rout wise student transportation details. Transportation manager is coupled with the sms manager letting you send transportation related sms.

Academic Calendar
Academic calendar makes it easier for you to create and publish school events in the academic year. Created events are displayed in the academic calendar displayed on the website in their appropriate dates.

Staff & Management profile manager
Our software makes it very easier for you to manage the profiles of both staffs and management teams. These profile information with photo is automatically published in the website making the parents and staffs well connected. Staffs and management also have provisions for individual login with custom rights.

Student Manager
Student manager module lets you easily manage all the required data for each student. You will have provisions to add/edit student details. You can also keep student wise documents and comments given by teachers for each student, letting you have a complete picture of each student.

Easy Report Generation
Our user friendly report generation module lets you create CBSE CCE Reports. Using this tool, the management can easily generate Report card for any number of students according to the CBSE guidelines. This covers all Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic reports.

Digital Election Tool
Escola comes with a unique tool to help your students with their annual election into various designations such as school leader, captain etc.. This provides a unique opportunity for the students to get familiar with voting system. System automatically calculates the total votes making vote counting a thing of the past.

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