Real Estate CRM Software

Human Resource and Payroll is an automated and integrated software product designed specifically to manage the complex Human Resource activities involved in an organization. It is a tool, which takes care of the entire Human Capital Management of the company. It helps in automating all the HRMS functions like staffing, tests, induction, training, appraisals, attendance and leave management, payroll, and communication with candidates and employees etc.

REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT: Fairman & Associates, Inc. provides property management, maintenance, and construction management services to office buildings, retail centers, industrial projects and commercial owner associations throughout South Florida. Our commitment to each property that we manage is to provide detailed attention to all aspects of the property. With this commitment, properties grow in value. Our team of trained property managers develop for each property preventive maintenance schedules, service vendor oversight, energy programs as well as one on one tenant relationships.

  • Property inspections and tenant relations.
  • Financial reporting and accounting
  • Yearly Budgeting
  • Lease administration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Services
  • Volume Purchasing
  • Project and Construction management
  • Commercial Association Management

Our property Managers know on a first name basis each tenant that occupy space in buildings that they manage. By creating this relationship, the property manager is able to respond to the tenants needs for expansion and or lease renewal. This also allows the management team to stay on top of lease payments as well as all other tenant needs.

Fairman & Associates, Inc.’s clients receive detailed monthly financial reporting which are customized to the property owner’s requirements. Monthly reporting includes the managers property activity reports, detailed budget comparison analysis, tenant status report, rent roll, lease expiration report, general ledger, accounts payable reporting and bank statements with copies of all checks.

With a comprehensive budget in place, cash projections can be forecast,  and capital improvements can be completed as required. Fairman & associates develops a detailed income and expense budget yearly that is approved by the property ownership. This document details all current and future needs of the property. Once approved, the budget becomes the business plan for the property and it is the management team’s responsibility to implement and meet its objective.

Fairman & Associates, Inc. works closely with the property’s leasing agent on lease administration services include lease term commencement/expiration tracking, option renewal tracking and alerts, lease and renewal set-up and implementation, processing of lease assignment requests, and processing of estoppels and other related tenant requests.


Fairman & Associates Inc. takes great pride in developing preventive maintenance schedules. Preventive maintenance allows for the extension the useful life of all building components thereby saving costly emergency repairs. Service vendors are selected using a specification, request for proposal (RFP) method in a bid environment that provides the best service for the best price. Consistent maintenance scheduling keeps the property in a tenant friendly condition promoting higher occupancy.


Fairman & associates Inc. maintenance department is trained in all aspects of maintenance and repair. Our Technicians skill sets and experience allow us to bring to each property quality service at a controlled cost. The maintenance department is fully computerized allowing for quick and efficient service completion. This system also ties into the property’s preventive maintenance program, giving effective and complete history reporting to the management team.

By pooling resources, quality services are provided ranging from service contracts and supplies to property insurance. Properties within our managed portfolio experience savings through our ability to group services using prequalified vendors and/or our in house service department.

Fairman & Associates, Inc.’s project and construction management services range from fitting out individual tenant spaces to complete renovation, redevelopment and expansion. We coordinate and oversee architects, contractors,  and seek governmental approvals  assuring the project is brought in on-time and on-budget. Our primary goal is to ensure the final product is completed on time, within budget and fully supports the needs and objectives of the property.

Fairman & Associates, Inc. licensed management team take the “hands on” approach to providing commercial condominiums a complete and comprehensive management program. It starts with regular site visitation and common area management to scheduling board meetings and annual meetings. Comprehensive budgeting and yearly reserve analysis, dues collection, unit approval transition from owner to owner and complete monthly accounting and reporting to board. Associations also benefit from the systems that are provided in our regular property management program.

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