Point Of Sales(POS)

RCIT an ultimate product from the house of Dataman. It caters to various aspects of Rice Mill Business like Bargain Management, Sales/Purchase, Broker Management, Govt. Sale, Levy Reports, Mandi Samiti Reports, Inventory, Production and Integrated Financial Accounts.

Modules and Key Features

✓ Inventory: Items and Recipes
✓ Entering Invoices and Inventories
✓ Inventory Reporting

✓ Daily Sales Report
✓ Labor & Sales Reports
✓ Checkout & Cashier Reports
✓ Product Mix Reports
✓ Sales Contest
✓ Inventory Reports
✓ Employee Performance Reports
✓ Gift Card Reports
✓ House Account Statements
✓ Customer Loyalty Reports
✓ Media Reports
✓ GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)

Labor Scheduling:
✓ Fingerprint Access
✓ Labor Forecasts
✓ Stage Images
✓ Skill Levels
✓ Named Schedules

Customer Loyalty:
✓ Instant Discounts
✓ Bonus Discounts
✓ Bonus Coupons
✓ Skill Levels
✓ Customer Marketing

Gift Cards:
✓ Integrated Gift Cards
✓ High Speed Transactions
✓ Reload Gift Cards
✓ Gift Card Reports

Enterprise Solutions:
✓ Reports
✓ Data Backup
✓ Corporate Messages

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