Pharmacy Management Software


Perfectly Integrated Systems of Medical Business with Pharmacy Management Software Patron Info Tech offer the best Pharmacy Management Software .Our pharmacy management software maintained, track, and dispense all prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency. This is the most powerful and efficient system on the market for any size pharmacy operation. We help pharmacists to you interact across multiple data platforms and standards, eliminating communications barriers and empowering your operation to perform at its best. We provide greater flexibility, speed and security while offering substantial financial savings.

Key Features of Pharmacy Management Software

Our dedicated experts have designed the software based on the needs to gain customer satisfaction

  • 01. Free Patient communication via SMS and email
  • 02. Clinical Patient Services
  • 03. Barcode scanning for quick and safe dispensing
  • 04. Tablet PC dispensing module
  • 05. Multiple order pads with drug and drop functionality
  • 06. Stock Control System
  • 07. Data accessible from any PC with secure data connection
  • 08. Inventory management control
  • 09. Prescription processing

Benefits Pharmacy Management Software

  • 01. SMS Facility to greet customers
  • 02. Timely alerts and reminders to customers about payment plan
  • 03. Online payment option.
  • 04. Mobile responsive web application.
  • 05. Immediate query resolving.
  • 06. Customer can customize as per their need and requirement
  • 07. SEO, Digital Marketing for more leads.
  • 08. Log management system.

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