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Bricks were originally made by hand, and that practice continues in developing countries and a few specialty suppliers. In a large industrial brick works, clay is taken from the quarry, and then carried by conveyor belt or truck/lorry to the main factory, although it may be stockpiled outside before entering the machinery.

Product description:

Brick Factory Management System provides everything you need to enhance your Bricks business. Our Appliction is designed to manage Brick Factory. Our application is built using latest technology & built with simple and easy user flow. It contains all the reporting & forms that are required to Manage a Brick Business. Our application is available on premise and completely safe from fraudulent activities. With our Brick Management software, you can have complete insight into your profitability, inventory, labour salary and cash flow etc.
Frontend Features:

—Responsive Design.
—Easy Contact Menu.
—Service Dashboard.
—Service Details.
—Bricks Field Information.
—Social Linkup.
—SEO Friendly URL.
—Company Information.
—Bricks Information.
—Service Time Details.
—And More….

Features ( Billing ):

—Secure Admin Login.
—Multiple Admin Features.
—Informative Dashboard.
—Bricks Management.
—Bricks Price Management.
—Bricks type Management.
—Bricks Price Management.
—Bricks Stock Management.
—Daily Bricks Management.
—Total Stock Management.
—Total Income Report.
—Expense Management.
—Expense Report.
—Bricks Field Information.
—Laborer Management.
—Laborer Salary Management.
—Laborer Bill Management.
—Laborer Database Management.
—Loan Management.
—Loan Database Management.
—Loan Deadline Management.
—Loan wise Brick Quantity Management.
—Total Bricks Sell Report.
—Bricks Stock Report.
—Build-In Invoice Generator.
—Currency Management.
—Support Multiple Currency.
—Invoice Management.
—OneClick A to Z Invoice.
—Total Income Report.
—Website Management Panel.
—Partner Management.
—Home Page Management.
—Menu Management.
—Menu Content Management.
—Social Linkup Management.


Brick field management software.
Company and billing System Management:
>Product: Add Product.
>Supplier: Add Supplier.
>Customer: Create Customer Information with terms.

*Stock Management:
>Customer wise project system.
>Company wise project system.
>Employee/Driver: Record for Employee/Driver.
>Vehicle/Truck: Record of Vehicle/Truck.
>Create new Challan for Driver & Customer.

*Challan Report:
>Driver Report: View Driver wise Challan report.
>Company Wise Report: View Customer Wise Challan Report.
>Project Wise Report: View project wise challan report.
>Truck/Vehicle No. Wise Report: View truck/vehicle wise challan report.

>Expense Type: Input different types of expense.
>Expenses: Record all expenses.
>Expense Report: View expenses filtering by expense type.

*Received Payments:
>Payment Head: Add different types of payment head.
>Receive Payments: Entry all received payment.
>Party Payments Report: All customer wise payment Stock
>Opening Stock: Opening Stock Quantity. Entry Stock.

Benefits Online Brick Factory Software

  • 01. SMS Facility to greet customers
  • 02. Timely alerts and reminders to customers about payment plan
  • 03. Online payment option.
  • 04. Mobile responsive web application.
  • 05. Immediate query resolving.
  • 06. Customer can customize as per their need and requirement
  • 07. SEO, Digital Marketing for more leads.
  • 08. Log management system.

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