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RCITCT's Door Access Control Solutions offers a wide choice of possibilities using PIN, Proximity Cards , RFID Tags and Biometricsl or a combination

Modules and Key Features
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The proven solutions are available as standalone, entry level, Mid-size or enterprise and global systems.
Standalone or entry-level systems handles the most basic requirements for small businesses and retail stores with very few staff.
Mid-Size systems are designed with server-client architecture comprising of controllers and PC based software that has many features such as Schedule, Holidays, Time Management, ID badge production and supports a significant amount of human traffic. It is ideal for Small-Medium Businesses , factories and organisations with significant amount of staff or need to manage a few facilities in a different locations.
Enterprise systems have powerful controller and interface hardware that is proven to perform intensive human traffic simultaneously, example; 15000, 2500, 50000, or 250000 staff access in a short space of time. The robust management software has comprehensive features, integration options , and superior performance, making global access control management a real possibility of Multinational companies.

Access Control System Services in Denver, Colorado

Access Control System Access control system (ACS) can offer top notch security for both private and commercial premises. An ACS is used for preventing unauthorized entries into restricted areas. Access control systems can also play the role of permission granter- a smart one. An ACS can be programmed to allow only authorized people to enter. When an unauthorized person seeks permission to enter, you can or cannot grant permission for entry. An ACS can also record check-in and check-out time of company personnel.   Increasing security and enhancing the control over who enters the property is the principal feature of this access control systems. Some times this system is also used as an advanced employee management tool. Here in Denver, Colorado, Denver Locksmith Pros are well equipped and knowledgeable in the installation of these complex systems.   For both commercial and residential facilities, functional versatilities are integral parts of Access Control Systems. An access control system can be beneficial for facilities with multiple entry points. Access Control Systems can come on different hardware platforms. Here are some common ones-  

Control panels

  Access Control System Control PanelA large part of access control systems uses control panels. They are typically coupled with numeral buttons. In some cases, responsive touch screens are used here. They are linked up with the systems locking-releasing mechanism. When a person with authorization enters pin codes, the system verifies those codes.  

Magstripe Readers

  Magstripe Readers are used extensively with access control systems. They are also renowned as Swipe Card readers. Their usage is simple yet efficient. For instance, a company can issue encoded cards to its employees.  

Proximity or Long Range Readers

  Sensor driven Proximity Readers or else, Long Range Readers are used in access control systems. Such sensors detect encoded cards without using any swiping. Proximity Readers can detect cards from short distances (around 100mm).  

Smartcard Readers

  Smart Card ReaderThey enable access control systems for processing additional info for additional services of a company or private premises. Good examples are time-ins and outs record maintenance. Access control systems usually have the capacity to be interfaced with payroll coordination, parking scheme, catering or even vending services.   Access control systems are worthwhile when you want solid security measures in hi-security facilities.This technology guarantees that only the right people can lay eyes on sensitive information and handle expensive equipment in the workplace. Access control systems also record entries and exits, so it would be easier for managers and business owners to monitor and locate their personnel at any given time. There are different types of key technologies used in access control.  

Smart Cards and Tokens

  Smart cards can have the same size as your credit card and contain either a microchip or a magnetic stripe that has the user’s data. Smart cards are swiped on an access control device to allow access to a secured area. Tokens in access control systems are similar to smart cards but can only be used once to enter secure computer networks. User’s data from smart cards and tokens are verified with the company’s database to confirm identity and set the level of security clearance.  

Passwords and PINs

  Most access control systems utilize passwords and pins together with smart cards or other physical credentials. Passwords and personal identification numbers (PIN) guarantee that even when your smart card or access badge is stolen, the thief will still have a hard time hacking into the system or won’t easily enter a room. Consecutive incorrect password or PIN entries will alert the security department and possibly put the building on lockdown.  

Biometric Systems

  biometric fingerprint lockThe latest and most sophisticated key to an access control system is biometrics. This involves encoding into the database human characteristics of the user such as fingerprint, handprint, retina, voice, or facial structure. This key technology is considered foolproof because unless human cloning is perfected, there is no way for an intruder to replicate another human’s unique physical attributes.   Identification methods The bottom line of access control system is to identify visitors or non-employees. For efficient identification, three methods are used in access control systems.  

a) Door bell system

  These systems alert people inside premises.  

b) Audio intercom system

  They allow visitors to speak with people inside the premises.  

c) Camera equipped audio intercom systems

  When you are inside the building, they allow you to see and talk with a visitor. If you grant access to the visitor, the entry door is unlocked remotely. At this point, you can send someone to escort the visitor. If you’re interested in learning more or would like an Access Control System installed in your home or business, call us today!

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